Our Technologies

Brilliant Telecom has points of presence (POP's) in Russia and the CIS countries.

Brilliant Telecom has points of presence (POP's) in Russia and the CIS countries. The main Switch is located in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. We have connection to several Tier-1 internet providers such as TeliaSonera, NTT and Level3. An approach in the technical equipment on the highest standards allows us to provide retail quality services with unlimited capacity for our TOP-destinations.

We have built and continue to expand our network and range of services, especially in the major regions of our activity; we provide best-in-class quality and competitive rates.

Network Operations Center and IT-systems

Our technical support department (Network Operations Center, NOC) consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the telecom industry. In the construction of technical solutions to maintain our network and traffic, we chose the approach of using only the best products and systems available on the market. We strive to maximize the automation of all processes, multifaceted collection and analysis of statistical information, the application of intelligent algorithms to dynamically control the routing, the methods of proactive identifying and troubleshooting the network. The following briefly describes the main components of our IT-landscape and shows examples of systems integration.

MVTS II – The 4th level Softswitch

Multiprotocol VoIP Transit Softswitch II – software solution for call control and optimization of voice traffic transmission in transit VoIP-networks. Softswitch MVTS II includes features of softswitch, border session controller and transit traffic billing, has an intelligence routing functionality, advanced analytics system, the quality of service (QoS) and profitability control. Among the systems in its class MVTS II is a recognized leader. Brilliant Telecom is an old and good partner of MFI Soft company, manufacturer of MVTS II, which provides technical support and the maintenance of the system installation in Brilliant Telecom. Currently we own the license for 8500 simultaneous calls.

QlikView – business analysis intelligence system

Business Intelligence System QlikView allows real-time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators of traffic (KPI's): ASR, ACD, PDD, NER, and many others. The system analyzes the vast amount of information, simultaneously performs the large number of scenarios to download data and calculations of varying degrees of complexity.

QlikView is the first appeared on the market of business analysis performing all processing in operative memory. This implementation allows achieving ultra-high performance. The traditional system of business analysis often store information in a database on hard drives, and the receiving of reports is based on the requests and preconfigured analytic cubes. But this approach can not give us the necessary flexibility and speed of the data, with live high-volume traffic. We use a server with 256 GB of memory for QlikView. The work with the system is through a web browser, and users get the data for a couple of seconds – just as much as you need to refresh the page in your browser.

A unique feature of our implementation of QlikView is a seamless integration with other systems, including MVTS II, NetSense, Price Master and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). QlikView works as an operating system, which allows our employees to receive real-time full detailed information on traffic and make the right decisions.

We have implemented a few "know-how" in our BI-solving – "time sliding" when downloading data, the separation of data in layers and binding different layers to users’ roles, the enhanced functionality of deep data mining, online monitoring and alerting upon the occurrence of specified events or the violation of the established threshold values, etc.

In 2013, the Company QlikTech, which is a manufacturer of QlikView, conducted a competition for the best BI-solution based on QlikView in Russia. Brilliant Telecom participated in this competition with couple of dozen of other companies and took the second place.

The last expansion, which we implemented, is the realization of all the financial and tax reporting in QlikView with direct integration with the financial system of Microsoft Dinamics NAV. Currently a project is being carried out to increase the number of processed cases and alerting, the system sends to the responsible staff.

NetSense – automated testing system

As a system of automated testing, the NetSense solution was chosen from the Company Arptel.
A dialer (executing unit test calls) was mounted in our equipment rack, and the NetSense system is integrated with the systems of Price Master and MVTS II.

When QlikView discovers that some of the indicators of quality are below the threshold set, NetSense automatically creates a task in Price Master and performs a route testing. The data for each test call is collected line by line from NetSense and MVTS II – thus, a technical engineer gets a complete data of the results of testing, and in the system complex scripts of successful/failed tests determination can be set up and algorithms of further actions are laid. If the results are unsatisfactory, the route will be blocked by the system and a trouble ticket will be automatically sent to the provider. After the confirmation about rectification is received from the supplier, route is automatically tested again and if successful, then open and include in the routing.

Testing can also be performed manually on selected routes on the basis of requests from account managers, when including a new supplier, when processing the proposals from suppliers on Top routes and etc. Also, testing is performed automatically in a planned manner on destinations that require high control and monitoring for the necessary parameters, for e.g. CLI availability.

At present, there is a project to develop a web-based access for our partners to the automated testing system. Thus, when receiving a notice about the problems on the route and after the corrective works the partner’s engineers will be able to launch a re-test and get the results. In case of success the route will be included in the routing again. The implementation of this process will significantly simplify and speed up the processing of technical problems of calls delivery.

Price Master – automated control system of tariffs and routing

Our client base has almost 500 partners in almost all countries of the world. Therefore, the processing of rate notifications from vendors is in various formats: scv-files; in different versions of Excel, in text forms – is not an easy task. The symmetrical task – calculation and generation of our rates for almost 500 clients is an intellectually-capacious and rather difficult technical task. Errors in loading of partners’ rates or in forming of our rates to customers can lead to disputes and financial losses.

Since we required a more enhanced functionality than that which is in MVTS II, and we wanted to implement our know-how in this field, we had developed our own rates control system – Price Master. The system allows customizing the templates of vendors’ rates download with the recognition of their formats and perform the download automatically. In case of deviations or errors in attached file, the system will notify the responsible staff that is in charge of the corrective work. And, similarly, the system generates the rate plans for customers in their desired formats. All rates after the processing in Price Master are automatically downloaded to MVTS II.

Price Master also allows processing the suppliers’ push-lists, sending tasks to test them, comparing the rates offered to our LCR-sheet and with the suppliers’ rates at the first choices. During the generation of our rate plans it can carry out the comparison with customers’ targets that helps account managers lead more effective rates policy.

Nowadays, there is a project to provide our partners with web-access to our rates control system with the possibility of self-loading rates, push-lists and targets, control the correctness of changes, review the history of updates, on-line agreements with our account managers for rate updates and monitoring of figures on Top routes included in the routing. All this will remarkably permit to optimize this interaction area and work with our partners.

Trouble Tickets System (TTS) – Automated System for technical requests processing

Trouble-tickets Processing System (trouble ticket, TT) is also our own development. Despite the fact that the market offers a lot of such systems, in our case, a deep integration with the other fields of activity and systems was required. For example, the NetSense automated testing system automatically creates a TT and a letter to the supplier with attached table-sheet including all the technical parameters of the test calls and generated description. Thus, the most of the routine TT processing operations are automated.

As the data on TT is also statistic, it is transferred to QlikView, where we set the reports to analyze the work of technical engineers, the number of processed TT and the spent time with analytics for partners, destinations, etc. The reporting system helps more effectively manage the time of employees’ productivity and focus on the main directions and more important clients.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – financial system

We strive to establish the long-term relationships with our partners, take care of the calculations accuracy and timeliness of payments. This is one of our fundamental principles, confirming the high business reputation of Brilliant Telecom. Therefore, we use the best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial system. (Previously, this system was called Navision and belonged to the same name Danish company, was purchased by Microsoft and became a family of Microsoft business applications. The Navision system is also widespread in the west, like system 1C in Russia).

Navision is integrated with the billing system, Price Master and QlikView BI-system, that allowed:
- Fully automate the process of forming and mailing invoices
- Effectively manage cash flow, generate forecasts of incomes and expenditures (costs) based on the current traffic and contractual terms
- Accurately and quickly resolve issues on disputes; perform the statements of accounts (SoA) with customers
- Standardize the financial and management reports, automate the processes for monitoring of key financial indicators
- Provide the quality reports to auditors that makes our work more reliable and transparent for our customers.

We signed a contract with the audited Company KPMG, had been audited and received audited financial statements for the period of 2011-2014 on the basis of data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Our D&B rating is 1A2 (#56-550-5061) that confirms the company's financial stability and low risk in the long term.